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“With Black Friday right around the corner, we brought in SupplyDrop to help take over our email marketing so we could focus on our supply chain and customer acquisition. Despite being thrown right into the heat of things during the most stressful time of the year, email campaign revenue increased by 64% compared to last November!”
“SupplyDrop has never missed a deadline. They consistently blow us away with their high quality work. And they always listen to our needs every step of the way. Ever since we’ve started working with SupplyDrop, our email operation now runs like a fine-tuned machine.”
Wilson Hung, Director of Growth, Kettle & Fire
“SupplyDrop immediately brought in a ton of new business. They doubled our email revenue vs the prior month in the first 30 days and made the flows we already had look significantly nicer and more on-brand. The best part was that they went in and handled everything for us.”
Nat Eliason, Founder, Cup & Leaf